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Edgar Russ

Edgar Ernst Russ was born in Austria in 1966. At a very young age he developed a strong passion for making musical instruments.

In 1984 he moved to Italy to attend the “Antonio Stradivari” Violinmaking School of Cremona, where he graduated in 1989 under Riccardo Bergonzi’s supervision.

To complete his professional training and his continual research in the field of acoustics, he decided to travel to the United States where he worked in several workshops and furthered his knowledge beyond the traditional Cremonese method.

His first workshop in Cremona was opened in via Plasio and in 1995 he opened a workshop together with Giorgio Grisales in via Sicardo.

In September 2004 he moved to via Mauro Macchi 2a, in the inner city; there, in the ancient Palazzo Grasselli he opened his own independent workshop, a lively meeting place for professional performers, violinmakers and connoisseurs from all over the world

His instruments are played and appreciated by an increasing number of musicians in most prestigious orchestras, chamber music groups and quartets, and have been used by soloists in CD recordings. At the moment three musicians of the Wiener Philharmoniker play on instruments made by Edgar.

He is well known for his careful set up and sound adjustments. Edgar is frequently researching for the highest acoustical result. With the direct contact of musician as well as working experience in well-known workshops all over the world his reputation, craftsmanship and remarkable acoustical quality has boast the high demand among private collectors and musicians from all over the world including Australia, Austria, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States and of course Italy.

He participates annually in various important music fairs and exhibitions including Tokyo Music Fair, Mondomusica Cremona, Cremona Exhibition in USA, Frankfurter Musikmesse, Musikmesse Shanghai etc..

Edgar is the co-author of a book in German language entitled “Die Violine-Instrument, Geschichte, Bau” written together with Thomas Oberhauser in 1994.

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via Mauro Macchi 2a 26100 Cremona
Phone: +39 0372 24395
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Mobile Phone: +39 335 266771
Web: www.eruss.it
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