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Daniele Tonarelli

He was born in Cremona in 1976.
He graduated at the International School of Violinmaking in 1994, under the guidance of Master Giorgio Scolari.

Until 1997, he dedicated himself in improving his style and techniques in Master Marco Nolli workshop.

Now he is working in his laboratory in Cremona.
He has taken part in some competitions, such as Baveno (1993 and 1997);
Bagnacavallo (1992 and 1996), where he earned some honorable mentions;
Moscow (1998), where his instruments were ranked highly in the competition.
In 2000 he took part in the 9.°Ente Triennale International Competition of Violinmaking in Cremona.
His instruments are made following the classic cremonese models; in his works, he usually uses a brilliant and transparent varnish, and he also chooses selected tools and he pays great attention to the tonal qualities.

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Via Beltrami, 8 - 26100 Cremona (CR)
Tel. +39 0372 416049
Fax. +39 0372 416049
E-mail tonarellidaniele@libero.it



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