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Stefano Trabucchi

Stefano Trabucchi

Stefano Trabucchi was born on February 5th, 1970 in Sondrio, Italy from a family of musicians.
At the age of 8 begins he began his studies of the violin as he was intimately attracted by art, music and in particular the instruments it self.

When he was only 14 years of age, he envolled at the stradivari institute of violin making in Cremona, where he graduated with honors in 1998 under the guidance of MASSIMO NEGRONI and CLAUDIO AMIGHETTI.

Four years of apprenticeship in MARCO NOLLI's violin making workshop followed, enabling him to learn many secrets of the craft.
In 1992 he opened his own workshop in Cremona's historic center, situated on VIA BELLA ROCCA, nr. 14 Cremona.

Trabucchi also enjoys creating specific baroque instruments such as the "Viola d'amore" and the "Pochette". "Viola d'amore".
His work takes inspiration from the great Stradivari tradition, starting from original plans and models.
In additions to this ... Modern instruments. ... he also makes reproduction of antique instruments and undersizes violins.

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Via Bella Rocca, 14 - Cremona - Italy
Tel. e Fax +39 0372 461 136
Web: http://www.trabucchi.com

stefano@trabucchi-violini.com - info@violin.it


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